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Twitter eXtreme: Disruptive Marketing Strategies for Unbelievable Results Using Twitter
America's eXtreme Marketing eXpertsTM, Keith Aichele & Rachel Surges, are going to show you how to out-market your competition and dominate your industry sharing the groundbreaking concepts from their soon to be released book Twitter eXtreme: Disruptive Marketing Strategies for Unbelievable Results Using Twitter

You will learn how to use Twitter like never before regardless if you've got 10,000 followers or just starting out. You will learn how you can:

  • Grow your followers by 1,000+ per month 
  • Transform Twitter handles into emails to fuel multi-channel marketing
  • Leverage other people's great content to build your target marketing campaigns
  • Build your targeted prospect list by as much as 1500+ PER DAY!
  • Convert your targeted audience on Twitter into paying customers
  • ...AND MORE!

These proven techniques will include some strategies unlike anything you've seen before!  Whether you're a B2B or B2C business, you will leave this online class with a whole new strategy that you can begin implementing immediately.


5 Quick to Implement Marketing Strategies to Accelerate Your Business Overnight
Did you know business success is 90% marketing? In order to win at the game of business your marketing strategy is pivotal. Keith Aichele, America's eXtreme Marketing eXpertTM tackles your most pressing marketing questions, concerns and hesitations in this powerful, educational read.

Get ready to learn how simple changes to your current marketing and new marketing concepts will set you apart from the competition. These innovative concepts will enable you to design an optimized system that reaches prospects and prompts them to engage with you. Keith, will share how virtually any business - including yours - can instantly elevate their Unique Selling Proposition, which will convert more prospects into long- time valued customers. Once you apply these strategies, your business will grow exponentially through replication of an effective marketing system. Keith will show you how to leverage the power of information to maximize your marketing system and optimize your limited marketing budget.

Whether applying just one of these techniques, or combining all of them, your business will be well positioned to increase lead generation, convert more prospects into sales and maximize your marketing budget. No matter if you're a marketing expert, or lost in the marketing chaos, this book will teach you proven, Quick to ImplementTM marketing strategies guaranteed to accelerate your business overnight!

Survive the odds: Forecasting the Health of Your Business Using Customer Analytics
"Business survival is not a right, it is a privilege that must be continuously earned, every day."

The majority of startups will close their doors in 5 years or less. Furthermore, significant revenue and business longevity are no guarantees of future survival. So why do so many businesses fail? The answer is actually quite simple. They do not regularly and properly measure the health of their business.

What if, as a business owner or leader, you could identify in advance the hidden conditions in your business that could lead to failure? What if rather than waiting for disaster to strike, you could take early action to avoid any downturn or minimize impact? The good news is that you can, and this book will show you how.

Aichele has developed a revolutionary "business health rating" formula designed to properly measure, forecast and improve the health of your business. In this book, he guides you through the process of: computing critical customer metrics, using a free edition of the Misaic Business Health Monitor to compute your business's health rating and forecast, interpreting forecast scenarios, and implementing practical methods of action to drive positive change for your business.

The future of your business no longer needs to be a result of luck or chance. By implementing the concepts in this book, you will be able to understand what the future may hold, take control of your business, and ultimately survive the odds.

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